Prestige Medical Care does not lock you and your family into a year long commitment like insurance companies. Left feeling your medical coverage did not serve you well with limited visits and access with questions left unanswered?  We want to serve you well.

Prestige Medical Care can work for you or your family by either pairing it with traditional major medical insurance, with a high deductible plan, or a medical sharing plan.  A membership with Prestige decreases your overall insurance cost by covering 80% of your medical care needs. 

Membership costs for an adult are $80 a month.

Membership costs for a child (18 and under) are $40 a month. An adult membership is not required to have a membership for a child at Prestige Medical Care, unlike other concierge medical practices.

A patient may be seen, diagnosed, and/or treated by a provider at Prestige Medical Care without a membership.  The cost of the visit will be the cost of a month membership ($80 for an adult and $40 for a child) with the opportunity to take advantage of membership benefits for a month.  If the patient does not choose to enroll for a membership after the one month trial, the cost to be seen again by a provider of Prestige Medical Care is $140 for an adult and $60 for a child for each recurring visit without a membership.