Direct Primary Care

Prestige Medical Care offers dedicated, patient-focused care through our Concierge Medical Service Memberships

Looking for Better Patient Care at a Lower Price?

A Concierge Medical Services Membership from Prestige Medical Care may be your solution!

Prestige Medical Care does not lock you and your family into a year long commitment like insurance companies. We want to serve you well.

Prestige Medical Care can work for you or your family by either pairing it with traditional major medical insurance, with a high deductible plan, or a medical sharing plan.  A membership with Prestige decreases your overall insurance cost by covering 80% of your medical care needs. 

Membership Pricing


Adult Membership (18+)


Child Membership

Cost Comparisons with Prestige Membership vs. Major Medical Insurance

Prestige Medical Care Membership for a family of four:

  • $240/month
  • No co-pays and no deductible
  • No limit on number of yearly visits

Major Medical Insurance or Catestrophic Medical Insurance for a family of four*:

  • $400-$1200/month premium
  • $25-$50 Co-pays and $5,000-$15,000 deductible
  • Limited number of yearly doctor visits (2-10 for the whole family)
  • Billed a percent of lab and imaging costs

*dependent upon insurance through employer and extent of benefits

An adult membership is not required to have a membership for a child at Prestige Medical Care, unlike other concierge medical practices.

A patient may be seen, diagnosed, and/or treated by a provider at Prestige Medical Care without a membership.  Click Here to schedule a One-Time Consultation.

Membership Benefits Included for an Adult and/or Child Membership:

    • Acute illness: If you happen to suddenly obtain a sore throat, cough, or vomiting, your visit or contact  with one of our providers at Prestige Medical Care is covered by your membership.
    • Injury: If you suffer an injury on the job, in your home, or at the gym, your visit to get diagnosis (including X-ray) and treatment is covered by your membership.
    • Evaluation Before ER Visit: Instead of visiting the ER, call us first. Our providers  have years of ER experience, and we may be able to diagnose and help you skip the inconvenience and cost of the ER all together.
    • Reduced Imaging Costs: Should an MRI or CT Scan be necessary in diagnosing a medical condition, we have contracted with a local imaging center to offer a reduced cash rate for these diagnostic scans. MRI cash price with Prestige is $397.  CT cash price with Prestige is $327.  If using a high deductible health plan (HDHP) to cover the cost of imaging, the cost may vary depending on your specific policy.
    • Routine yearly exams: We cover wellness exams, pap smears, breast exams, prostate exams, as well as pediatric wellness exams, school physicals, and sport physicals. Immunizations are given at cost by appointment.
    • Maintenance of chronic illness and specialists’ orders: As your primary care provider, Prestige can help with maintenance of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol while monitoring the medications that a specialist would prescribe and be your liaison between you and your specialists, ensuring you get the best and safest care for your medical needs.
    • Specialist Referrals: Our providers serve as a central liaison to manage multiple diagnoses and medications from specialists to ensure you are getting the proper care.  Should the need arise to consult a specialist and you do not have one or are looking to change, our providers have trusted relationships with specialists in the Tulsa area to best meet your medical needs and diagnosis.

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