Concierge Medicine Membership – Child

$40.00 per month



  • Routine yearly exams: We cover wellness exams, school physicals, and sports physicals. Because of the rising cost of immunizations, we offer them for your child at cost.
  • Maintenance of chronic illness and specialists’ orders: As your child’s primary care provider, we are happy to be a central place to help maintain any medical needs your child may have and work with his or her specialist(s) to make sure your child gets the best comprehensive care.
  • Acute illness: At Prestige, we know that flu and strep are a very real threat to your child’s health (as well as rashes, unexplained fevers, an allergic reaction to a medication or food, and the list could continue), and we want you to call us when you need us. With a child’s membership, every visit and contact with a physician is covered.
  • Injury: As parents our providers know that kids bounce and sometimes get hurt. If your child suffers an injury at home, on the football field, or on the playground, the visit to get a diagnosis (even an X-ray) and treatment is covered by the membership.
  • Evaluation Before ER Visit: Instead of visiting the ER, call us first. Our providers and nurses have years of ER experience, and we may be able to diagnose and help you skip the inconvenience and cost of the ER all together.
  • Additional benefits of membership :  Prestige providers are on call from 6 pm -10 pm with the ability to do acute care home visits or clinic visits to help you get the after hours care that you need.   A physician on call service will also be available from 10 pm to 8 am the next morning to get proper  medical advice in the middle of the night.

*All Prestige Direct Primary Care Memberships require a minimum 2-month commitment.