Prestige Complete Care

Prestige is excited to offer Complete Care: our beloved concierge medical membership combined with medical cost sharing for major medical events. The concierge medical service included in your plan covers basic labs, X-rays, home visits, referrals to specialists, urgent care services, evaluation before the emergency room visit, and after hours phone and FaceTime service. This provides the patient with better access to our providers with unlimited office visits when needed and no co-pays. Prestige is dedicated to save you money and improve your quality of care.

We know that health insurance is too expensive with not enough access to your doctor and too much out of pocket. At Prestige Medical Care, we are working to change that with Prestige Complete Care. If you are currently a concierge member, you already know the superior access you have to our physicians and the personal care you receive when you come to the clinic. Prestige Complete Care offers medical cost sharing along with our Concierge Memberships for less than what you are currently paying for your health insurance. If you are a small business owner, an independent contractor, or looking to opt out from your employer’s current offerings, we have some exciting options for you!