Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is concierge medicine?

A: Concierge medicine is a personalized, fee for service model for practicing primary care.  Concierge medicine makes it easier for patients to have access to their primary care provider and to receive care from their doctor that is relational, timely, and accurate. It’s like having your own personal doctor to contact in a moment’s notice about any medical concerns you have.

Q: How much does a membership to Prestige Medical Care cost?

A: Memberships are $70/month for adults (18 and older) and $30/month for children (birth – 18; no adult membership required to only cover a child).  Memberships are for six months with the option to renew to continue excellent medical care and service.

Q: Do I have to be a member to use services provided by Prestige Medical Care?

A: If you are currently not a member but would like to be seen the same day or by appointment for primary care or urgent care medical needs, you will be charged the one month fee with the opportunity to “try us out” for the month with the hope you are highly satisfied with the care you received and want to continue with a membership.  The other services we offer (Botox, Verju Laser, Skin Biopsies, Joint Injections, and HCG weight loss program) do not require a membership to benefit from excellent care and cost effective pricing.

Q: Is medical care by appointment only?

A: Patients are encouraged to make an appointment for routine medical visits (wellness visits, check ups, immunizations) but do not have to be seen by appointment only.  Prestige Medical Care also functions like a walk-in clinic and urgent care during office hours Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm for unexpected illnesses and injuries.  If a member has a medical concern that needs attention after hours, our on call provider will attend to your issue from 6pm-10pm on weekdays or 8am-10pm on weekends, either at your home or at the clinic, depending on the nature of your medical need. Cosmetic procedures are by appointment only to ensure the provider best suited for your service is at the clinic that day.

Q: Will my insurance be billed?

A: The nature of concierge medicine is that is works well outside of insurance.  The cost of your membership is comprehensive and covers every visit, every time (including labs and x-rays), so we will never bill your insurance for a service that is covered by your membership.  There are no copays nor is there a deductible to satisfy.  If there is a need for a unique lab that we cannot perform in house, extensive imaging (MRI or CT scan), or a pathology report necessary, your insurance will be billed or you will be given the option to pay the cash discount prices.  A membership with Prestige works well as a stand alone medical coverage as it meets the needs of what most families actually use for medical care.  It also works well to supplement catastrophic or traditional medical insurance coverage.