Rapid Result COVID19 Testing

At Prestige Medical Care, we are pleased to offer rapid COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) tests in office*. Depending on the type of test, patients will receive a test result within 30-45 minutes of taking the test. We are one of the few clinics to offer a true rapid test for the novel coronavirus in the Tulsa area. Our Antigen test is 97% accurate and our PCR test is 100% accurate.

Many travel destinations are now requiring a QR code to view Covid test results. These Covid-19 QR codes allow airport or immigration personnel to quickly and accurately verify a passenger’s Covid-19 status. Travelers are currently being asked to, or are required to, provide QR codes for travel to Egypt, Dubai, and Turkey. The requirement includes travelers flying on Emirates, EgyptAir, and Turkish Airlines at this time. This process of verification is likely to grow over the coming months as variants continue to spread.

In addition to our Rapid Result Testing (the fastest clinical Covid testing results available) Prestige Medical care is proud to now offer travel compliant QR codes included with our testing result documentation.

The QR code can be accessed via:

  • Text Messaage
  • Email
  • Test Result Document

Currently, there is not a set standard for all airlines and every travel destination. We recommend that each traveler checks with their airline provider for the latest details regarding travel requirements to ensure they fully comply with the latest adherences and avoid being turned away at their destination.

This is a private testing facility, and therefore, we will only accept cash payment for the COVID-19 rapid test. Patients can receive the test without a doctor’s order during regular office hours. Due to the CARES Act, most COVID-19 Testing is reimbursable by health insurance. 

My health insurance reimbursed 100% of my Rapid Covid Test at Prestige Medical Care.


Prestige Rapid Result Testing Patient

Register Today for Your COVID-19 Rapid Test

Our goal is to keep the testing experience as touchless as possible, guarding the health of all people involved.

Click below to select your test, schedule your appointment, prepay and register your information.

Rapid Result COVID19 Test (Antigen) – $100

  • Test is administered via nasal swab
  • Results usually within 30 minutes, sent via text and email
  • QR Code for travel compliance and fast access to test results
  • Recommended for employees, students & families
  • Best Accuracy Window: Days 2-5 of symptoms
  • Antigen test is 97% accurate

Rapid Result COVID19 Test (PCR) – $200

  • Test is administered via nasal swab
  • Results usually within 45 minutes, sent via text and email
  • QR Code for travel compliance and fast access to test results
  • Required for international travelers
  • Best Accuracy Window: Days 1-14 of symptoms
  • PCR test is 100% accurate

When you arrive at our office, please stay in your car, call the office number 918.994.6363 to notify us of your arrival. Please have receipt of payment (paper print off or confirmation email on your phone) for the test and your ID to verify your information before continuing with the test.

Our medical assistant will administer your test while you remain in your vehicle to limit exposure to our regular clinic patients. Please wait in your car in our parking lot while your test is processing. Your test results will be sent to you via text message and email within 30-45 minutes of your test results.

Medical Care After Testing

Should you test positive for COVID-19 and need assistance in treatment, please contact your primary care provider. If you do not have a primary care provider, we are more than happy to care for you. We are a membership based, direct primary care clinic; we do not accept an insurance. Simply sign up for your Prestige membership ($80/month for adults; $40/month for children), and one of our providers will be happy to assist you with treatment. We also offer One-Time Consultations as well.

We wish you all the best in health during this unprecedented time in our nation’s health and history. Thank you for trusting Prestige Medical Care with your honest and accurate test results.

*The rapid test for COVID-19 is not covered by a Prestige Medical Care membership due to the higher cost and temporary nature of this novel test.