IV Infusions

IV Infusion Therapy

Prestige Medical Care now offers IV infusion therapy to increase your immune system and help you battle the cough and cold season this year. We offer multiple variations of vitamin infusions that range from an immunity boost to a recovery drip that helps you recover from that rough night out with friends.

Each infusion treatment is $XXX. Schedule your infusion today and start feeling better. IV infusion drips offered are:

Rejuvinate IV Infusion

Reduce and reverse signs of aging and promote functional longevity with Vitamin C and Taurine.  Both power antioxidants; each with a multitude of benefits. Taurine supports brain function, cardiovascular health, and protects vision and hearing.  Vitamin C promotes collagen production, helps with cellular renewal, and reduces inflammation. B5 provides energy and helps by breaking down carbs and fat. Biotin has been known to increase keratin.

Recovery IV Infusion

Assist muscle recovery and reduce build-up of lactic acid to
minimize recovery time with this amino-acid and antioxidant

Detox IV Infusion

Vitamin C and Glutathione help amplify each other’s antioxidant benefits and can help lessen existing inflammation and lessen triggers of inflammation.B-Complex assists in anti-inflammatory benefits with the energy boost of B12.

Fortify IV Infusion

Combination of fortifying vitamins B-complex and C combined with
trace minerals make for a formula that has been shown effective in
helping simple conditions such as seasonal allergies all the way to
helping manage symptoms of autoimmune disorders. Trace minerals are some of the most powerful antioxidants the body can receive.

Immunity IV Infusion

Powerful antioxidant with abundant benefits including immune enhancement, protection from viruses and bacteria, cardiovascular
protection, and eye diseases, however, high dose Vitamin C has been known to cause the death of cancer cells. The anti-cancer effect of Vitamin C in different types of cancer cells involves a chemical reaction that makes hydrogen peroxide which may kill cancer cells.

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